Custom Mouldings

For over a decade, Camantra has been proud to be the exclusive supplier, designer and installer of JP Weaver products in Canada. From crown mouldings to ornamental ceilings, JP Weaver has been in undisputed leader in architectural mouldings since 1914. Their extensive catalogue merges art with everyday life – supplying the finest interior ornamentation and design that combines European inspired style with modern materials capable of capturing traditional fine details and undercuts.

Camantra is the exclusive Canadian distributor of JP Weaver. This extensive line merges art with everyday life by supplying the finest ornamental mouldings. All of the moulding and designs you receive from us are original and have not been copied from any other source.

efficiently navigate the selection and recommend period-appropriate choices for a consistent design. Our team will work with your unique style and colours to create an elegant piece of ornamentation artwork that suits the style of your home.

JP Weaver has become synonymous with beauty, innovation and elegance. Owner and designer Lenna Tyler-Kast combines European-inspired style with modern materials capable of capturing traditional fine details and undercuts.

JP Weaver’s products can be seen in several prominent buildings across North America, including the Bellagio casino, and in the homes of discerning celebrities, including Spelling Mansion and the Gretzky family home. In addition, one of JP Weaver’s crown jewel achievements was the replication of the main stateroom of the Titanic for the film bearing its name.

Camantra has worked with JP Weaver products for several years, gaining an unmatched level of knowledge and experience. As such, JP Weaver has appointed Camantra as its official supplier, designer and installer in Canada. We not only carry their products but have the passion, knowledge and expertise to use them in your home.

 JP Weaver’s product catalogue consists of three lines:


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