Custom Stone

Whether you need a custom stone walkway or an ornate carved railing, we have the selection and ability to create custom stone solutions to suit your home or commercial space. We have the stone selection and the skills to create every detail, including those unusually constrained to precast concrete such as lintel ledgers, fireplaces, capping balustrades, landscaping materials and more. We create full CAD drawing to your specifications, and individually produce each piece at our quarries. Each job is fully customizable and shipped to order

Camantra’s quarried stone is suitable for stone landscaping, building, interiors, flagstone patios and more. The stones with Camantra are available in different types, colours and shapes as per your requirements. We also have the expertise to work with you to design custom solutions for your entire home.

We offer our stone in 16 colours- more than any other stone provider. They are of the highest quality and are mostly made of sandstone; but unlike the softer sandstone popular during the turn of the Century, our imported stone has very high quartz content. This ensures exceptional durability, as tested by geologists. We also offer five limestone choices, and four softer sandstones, appropriate for custom carved pieces. To create a unique piece every time, you can choose from a variety of finishes including cut, hand-chipped, tumbled or pillowed.


Why Natural Stone over Cultured Stone?

Cultured or manufactured stone veneer is a product that is produced by pouring a lightweight concrete mix into a mold and them painting the finished product to look like stone. This product has become very popular over recent years for it’s ease of use, but it is very evident when used on projects as the uniformity of colour shape looks un-natural.

 Some of the main benefits of natural stone are:

  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Aesthetics
  • Customizability
  • Less waste
  • Doesn’t fade
  • Easier to maintain

 How does the cost compare?

Natural veneer stone is slightly more expensive that it’s cultured veneered competitors. However most, if not all, of this cost is reflected through an increase in value of your home. Give us a call and let us show you how competitively priced natural stone can be.

 Where does the stone come from?

Camantra stone comes from our quarries in India. Our network of sites allows us to offer the widest range of product colours anywhere.

What is the process?

Our Camantra design team will work with you to create plan that fulfills your design idea. We will then produce a complete set of CAD drawings with all the information our quarry requires to produce your project to our exacting standard. Our onsite quality control team will ensure all pieces are produced and shipped to Canada and are ready to install. This entire process takes approximately 8 weeks but the finished bespoke product is worth the additional lead time.